Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Review/Ranking Index


Cabin in the Woods (A-)
Holy Motors (A-)
The Perks of Being a Wallflower (A-)
Looper (B+)
Beasts of the Southern Wild (B+)
Zero Dark Thirty (B+)

Go See It

Argo (B+)
Silver Linings Playbook (B+)
Safety Not Guaranteed (B+)
Chronicle (B+)
Dredd (B+)
Killer Joe (B)
The Raid: Redemption (B)
Damsels in Distress (B)
Ruby Sparks (B)
Sound of My Voice (B/B+)
Killing Them Softly (B)
Skyfall (B)
21 Jump Street (B)
The Comedy (B)
Frankenweenie (B)
Lawless (B)
The Loved Ones (B)
Mother's Day (B)
The Hunger Games (B)
Life of Pi (B-)
The Sessions (B-)
Bernie (B-)
The Master (B-)
Seven Psychopaths (B-)
Django Unchained (B-/C+)
Pitch Perfect (B-)
ParaNorman (B-)
Excision (B-)
Your Sister's Sister (B-)
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (B-)
The Innkeepers (B-)
Moonrise Kingdom (B-)
V/H/S (B-)
Sleepwalk With Me (B-)

Go Ahead

Cosmopolis (B-)
The Hole (Joe Dante) (B-)
The Dark Knight Rises (B-)
Haywire (B-)
Magic Mike (B-)
Polisse (B-/C+)
Bachelorette (C+)
Brave (C+)
2 Days in New York (C+)
Flight (C+)
Savages (C+)
Hope Springs (C+)
The Woman in Black (C+)
The Avengers (C+)
Battleship (C+)
The Divide (C+)
The Tall Man (C+)
The Grey (C+)
Lockout (C+)
Intruders (C+) 
Detachment (C)

Go Away

Wanderlust (C)
Dark Horse (C)
Arbitrage (C)
Ted (C)
Jack Reacher (C-)
The Paperboy (C-)
Prometheus (C-)
John Carter (C-)
The Amazing Spider-Man (C-)
Silent House (C-) 
Sinister (C-)
The Moth Diaries (C-) 
Red Dawn (C-)

Go Fuck Yourself

Premium Rush (D+)
Compliance (D+)
Friends With Kids (D+)
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (D+)
God Bless America (D+)
House at the End of the Street (D+)
Gone (D+)
Silent Hill: Revelation (D)
Lincoln (D)
The Devil Inside (D) 
Twixt (D)
Mirror Mirror (D)
Cloud Atlas (D-) 
Taken 2 (D-)

Movies Seen: 87